7/11/16: “What is Justice”

  Justice. We are more powerful than a hashtag. We will not point fingers and antagonize. That is not the goal.  The goal is to come with solutions that actually work. If you are black, you are a target. It has been that way since Columbus Day.  The people will[…]


Royce da 5’9 “Trust the Shooter”

It has been a while since I have popped in a new mixtape and automatically started rockin and yelling “Yes”. Royce da 5’9 gives us HIP HOP CHUUUUUUUCH in his latest project, Trust the shooter. He automatically locks you in on the first track “Black History”. From the very first[…]


Beats by Dutch “The Culture Bandit”

“I do music…” If your orbit is the southern metropolis of “Atlanta”, these are three words that you hear all the time. This small city has attracted all kinds of people. Everyone is wanting a piece of this ‘black hollywood’. That being said, many people come to this city in[…]


R.I.P Afeni Shakur: Revolutionary Ancestor

When I first learned of Afeni Shakur’s passing via Facebook, I immediately called someone and got a confirmation. I was hoping that this was another horrible internet hoax where the worldwide web kills off someone great on accident. This was not a joke. This was reality. I had to wait[…]

prince's death

Eight strange facts about Prince’s Death

On April 21, 2016 the world was shocked to find that once again we have tragically lost a piece of musical greatness. Sadly, Prince’s death is shrouded in more controversy and character bashing than a little bit. There are too many loose ends and suspicious circumstances surrounding this case. There[…]


R.I.P Phife Dawg

Low end, Jazz samples, and Sports…  There is so much more to rap, ATCQ, and Malik Taylor, of course.  I am Pondering a perspective on Phife Dawg’s transition. I think about how his voice graced the backdrop that led me to explore more. Getting to know Tribe, they were what[…]



New name, new face, and new art… When I think of music, I think of “feeling” and how it incorporates a sense of personal resonance with the listeners as well as the creator. Finding a way to listen to this beautiful musical artist and love it. There was a platform[…]

Mutulu is WELCOME here

Dr. Mutulu Shakur was set for release from Federal prison on February 10, 2016.  His release never occurred.  He was informed that he would only be scheduled to get a hearing for parole on April 4, 2016. Dr. Shakur has violated no serious rules in his entire 30 years of[…]

Parenting w_ pURPOSE

Parenting with Purpose

It takes a village…few would argue that there is much more of importance than the work we put into preparing our progeny for living life. in this day in time there are a bevy of distractions than come in a barrage against the building of blossoming young minds. everyone must[…]

mobilize blackamerica

Moblize the People

What would happen if our people as a whole just stayed home? You work from home, live off of your own land, become cool with your neighbors, and only shopped at community owned establishments… What would happen to the economy?” Lets imagine dark skinned individuals checking out, choosing not to[…]


Creative, Community, Culture

Please join us for a conversation about Creativity, Community, and Cultural relevance. We will be engaged with two dynamic guests.  The first half of our program, we will interview the talented vocalist Ozara Ode. Ozara has started a Gofundme campaign to take her Nina Simone adaptation to Broadway. After reaching[…]


CHALLENGE: Can you rap about smart money management?

A few weeks ago, I challenged a few indie rappers by simply asking the question: Can you rap about smart money management? Sad to say, nobody has yet to respond to or fulfill this challenge as of yet.. I guess nobody took it seriously. So, in true asshole-nature, I decided[…]